Market Research

For Technical Product Companies Starving for Independent Research from Customer Satisfaction to Voice of the Customer New Product Planning

“Knowledge is Power!”
– Francis Bacon (English Philosopher)

Unfortunately most of us are forced to make important decisions in life without as much information as we would like. The famous statement “Knowledge is power” rings particularly true when developing an effective Marketing Strategy. Why don’t companies have more information about their customers, cialis sale prescription markets, healing competitors etc.? Sometimes it’s a question of time or “where to find this information”. Other times it’s just plain difficult to get competitive info or objective feedback from customers and partners.

Marketing Research is an area where outsourcing can offer clear advantages.

This is a field where we can help. B & D International has executed many market research projects over the past several years. Here are some examples of area we have covered:

  • Better understanding of your customers
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Better understanding of industry trends
  • Better information on your current or potential new market segments
  • Selection of most profitable Target Markets
  • New product development surveys
  • Channels research
  • Partner search
  • International market research

Benefits to Sensor Companies

Here are some of the many benefits of outsourcing your market research to experience professionals:

  • Obtain up-to-date inputs on critical factors used in Strategic Planning
  • Access to worldwide databases which may otherwise not be readily available.
  • Receive objective reviews of your performance with customers and partners.
  • Obtain updates on key industry and market trends from sensor industry experts and other outside sources.
  • Save time to pursue your core competencies.
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