Balluff Sensors Worldwide


Kent Howard
President of Balluff US


  • Execute 3 bi-annual Customer Satisfaction Surveys by interviewing 50+ users by phone to complete a several page satisfaction survey
  • Facilitate two day Annual Strategic Planning meeting with senior executives from the US and EU


“As President of Balluff, viagra generic for sale Inc., thumb a subsidiary of one of the world’s leading sensor manufacturers in Germany, site I am responsible for all aspects of the business in North America.

The most important of my responsibilities is Strategic Planning and implementation.  Over the ten years I have held this position, I have used several consultants to facilitate this process.  Of the four consultants I have used, I am by far most satisfied with Bryan Manning of B&D International, LLC.

Bryan’s international experience and excellent communication skills make him an excellent fit for our Strategic Planning Process.  He added some valuable and thought provoking pre-meeting “homework” that stimulated some new creative juices.  Bryan is able to manage strong personalities delicately keeping the meeting on track and his follow-up is accurate and timely.

We also contract Bryan to perform our Bi-annual Customer Satisfaction Survey that we use as part of our performance measurement and continuous improvement program.

Bryan consults with us on the approach and then implements the survey with great objectivity and thoroughness.

Bryan’s strong communication skills, and interesting ‘real world’ marketing background provides a style that stimulates creativity.”