Sensor Marketing Strategy

image-7We are a Sensor Marketing Strategy consulting company that works with technical product companies, viagra generic treat especially sensor companies, cialis generic to update their overall Marketing Strategy.

Unlike large generalist consulting companies our Marketing Strategy update is executed using a simple and straightforward approach.

Step one: Where we are today
Analysis of the company, physician it’s customers and it’s market providing an overview of the internal and external strengths and weaknesses of the company.

Internal factors include: core competencies, mission, strategy, overall strengths and weaknesses.

External factors include: customers, competition, industry trends and context. Identifying opportunities and threats is the finale.

Step two: Where we want to go
The second step is the most important of all. It defines market strategy. Once complete the company knows which target markets to pursue (and not) and how to best differentiate from the completion.

Ideally together we can develop a unique, sustainable value proposition backed by compelling evidence on differentiation to establish and maintain market leadership.

Step three: How will we get there
The execution stage. Time to build (or rebuild) the value proposition. Develop the ideal combination of product, price, place (channels) and promotion for our customers and the company’s long term profitability.

The final result is knowing which target markets to focus on backed up with a positioning statement that differentiates the companies value proposition relative to the competition in each of the selected target markets.

Follow up option: enhance areas of sales and marketing that could benefit from the results of the renewed overall marketing strategy.

30+ Years of Sensors and Controls Industry Experience

Our processes were developed during 30+ years of senior sales and management experience in the Sensors and Controls Industry combined with 18 years as an adjunct professor of Marketing in several Boston Area MBA programs such as Babson, Boston University, Northeastern and UMass.

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    Bryan Manning, the principal of the firm, has a track record of over a thirty years of accomplishments in senior level sales and marketing positions...
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