Marketing Strategy is the first step towards enhancing a company’s success. It focuses on ideal target markets that match your core competencies and a positioning statement that differentiates your value proposition from the competition.



Marketing Research is an area where outsourcing can offer clear advantages. We’ve executed many market research projects from customer satisfaction surveys to Voice of the Customer surveys used in new product development.


Sales Channel Strategy

Does your company have the correct sales channel strategy to capture your targeted markets? Are you looking for sales channel experts to help you with this process? Sensor Marketing Strategies may be able to help.



Once a company has determined which target markets to concentrate on and how to position their product offering compared to the competition, viagra sale remedy it’s time to ensure that your target customers are familiar with the benefits of your products & services.


  • Strategy

    Expand Magnetic components business by recruiting worldwide magnetic sensors related partners.

  • Research

    Executed 3 bi-annual Customer Satisfaction Surveys by interviewing 50+ users by phone.

  • Channels

    Grew NMS field sales organization in the US and Europe by adding supplementary channels.


Sensor Marketing Strategy

Sensor Marketing Strategy works with companies to update their overall Marketing & Sales Strategy then works further with clients to enhance areas of sales and marketing that could benefit from a fresh look. We specialize in engineered product companies looking to enhance sales and profits in the US and Europe.

The opportunities for improvement could be in these areas:

  • Better understanding of strengths and weaknesses of customer satisfaction
  • Review of current target markets and new opportunities to maximize the leverage of company resources
  • Refresh unique value proposition and create compelling positioning statements for focused markets
  • Sales channel optimization
  • Marketing communications and eMarketing Strategy review.

Our processes were developed during 30+ years of senior sales and management experience in the Sensors and Controls Industry combined with 15 years as an adjunct professor of Marketing in several Boston Area MBA programs such as Babson, Boston University, Northeastern and UMass.